The Grass-roots Battle Against Redlining, National Training and Information Center, 1975.
The National Survey of Housing Abandonment, published by the National Urban League and the Center for Community Change, 1970.
Illustration from Disclosure, the publication of Chicago’s National Training and Information Center, n.d.
Exhibition poster, 2009.

Damon Rich – Research Affiliate 2007-2008

Rich is the founder of the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), a New York City-based nonprofit organization that uses the power of design and art to improve civic engagement. His work addresses politics and built environments.

Red Lines

For the installation Red Lines, Death Vows, Foreclosures, Risk Structures: Architectures of Finance from the Great Depression to the Subprime Meltdown, Rich studied the fundamentals of real estate markets – property law, pro-formas, foreclosures, chains of title, block busting, exploding ARMs and the obscure history of the mortgage (Old French for ‘death vow’) – and integrated the results into this 2008 exhibit that explored the relationship between finance and architecture.